AIVC Documents - Guides

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How To Manage A Club
   How to Chair a General Meeting PDF Word
   Writing Minutes PDF Word
   Keeping the Books PDF Word
      Example Balance Sheet PDF Excel
      Example Profit & Loss PDF Excel
   Decision Making PDF Word
   Ten Reasons Why ... PDF Word

General Documents 
   IVC Cycling Info PDF
   Club Details on ActivityExchange PDF Word

Publicity Guides And Examples
   A5 Leaflet PDF Word
   Postcards SuperCharge PDF Word
   Postcards Birminghams Best PDF Word

Code Of Conduct and Complaints
   Dispute Guidance (See updates below) Word
      How to Make a Complaint Word
      How to Handle a Complaint Word
      How to Hear a Complaint Word
      How to Handle an Appeal Word
   The Rules of Natural Justice Word

Code of Conduct Updates For Equalities Act 2010
    AIVC Equality Notes (Added 2015) Word
    Guidence on Model Code of Conduct (Added 2015) Word
    Model Code of Conduct (Revised 2015) Word


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