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Introduction to the Association of IVC Clubs

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Birmingham IVCIVC groups exist to provide social, recreational and cultural opportunities for professionals and like minded people across the UK. There are 41 groups throughout the UK with around 4,000 members in total.

All AIVC member groups are voluntary organisations that are run by the members for the members on a not-for-profit basis.

Herts & Beds IVC
Each IVC Club is autonomous which allows the members in that club to run it in ways that suit that club. AIVC (Association of IVC Clubs) exists to allow clubs to co-operate and support each other.

Although all IVCs are run on broadly the same lines they do have variations in joining requirements and procedures.
Nottingham IVCTo find your nearest IVC go to the "Find an IVC" tab above.

Once you've found IVCs that you might be interested in joining you should visit their web site and ask them about their IVC and how you can best join up and start having more fun!


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