aIVC Member Clubs

Below is a complete list of all the clubs in the UK that are currently members of the Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs (aIVC).

Please use the Web Site Links to find out more about the Club or Clubs that you are interested in.

Please note that all IVC club committee officers are volunteers and it may be a few days before you receive a reply. If you do not receive a reply or there are no contact details please contact the AIVC Secretary.

How do I join a group?

Once you've found the groups that you might be interested in joining, you should visit their web site and ask them about their club and how you can best join up and start having even more fun!

Club and Web Site Link Web Meetup Email
Basingstoke (Active Hampshire) Web Meetup Email
Birmingham IVC Meetup  Email
Bournemouth IVC Meetup Meetup Email
Brighton & Sussex IVC Web Meetup Email
Bristol & Bath (Simply Social) Web Email
Cambridgeshire IVC Web Meetup Email
Cardiff IVC Web Meetup Email
Cheshire & North Wales IVC Web Email
Edinburgh Socialives Web Email
Essex IVC Web -
Exeter IVC Web Email
Glasgow IVC Meetup Email
Gloucestershire IVC Web Email
Halifax & Huddersfield IVC Web Email
Hertfordshire & Beds IVC Web Email
Leeds IVC Web Meetup Email
Leicestershire IVC Web Email
London IVC Web Meetup Email
Manchester IVC Web Meetup Email
Merseyside IVC Meetup Meetup Email
Milton Keynes IVC Meetup Web Email
Newcastle IVC Web Email
North Staffordshire IVC Web -
Northants IVC Meetup Web Email
Norwich & Norfolk IVC Web Email
Nottingham IVC Web Email
Oxfordshire IVC Web -
Plymouth IVC Web Email
Portsmouth (Solent Socialising Meetup) Web Email
Sheffield IVC * Web Email
Southampton IVC Meetup Web Email
Suffolk IVC Web Email
Swindon IVC Web Email
Tees Valley IVC Web Email
Thames Valley IVC Web Email
West Kent IVC Web Email
West Surrey IVC Web Email
York IVC Web Email


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