Welcome to the aIVC

The AIVC acts as a service and advice organisation for its member clubs and is not a head office.

The member clubs of the AIVC are generally small to medium size communities of people who have come together to take part in social, leisure and sporting activities with others that share similar interests. IVC makes meeting new friends and enjoying group vacations easier than you might think. We make it fun, easy and natural to meet others, share social events and discover new interests with like minded people ! 

Why not join a club near you to meet new friends and join a sharing social community.

The IVC as a whole is an independent and voluntary network of not-for-profit social and activities clubs, each of which is run by its members for its members. The IVC Clubs are independent organisations that are affiliated to the Association of IVC’s (AIVC).

All the member clubs are treated as self-governing independent organisations with their own Management Committee, Subscription rates, Constitution and Codes of Conduct etc.

We always welcome new member clubs to join the AIVC.

The AIVC is managed by a small committee of volunteers who are elected from the member clubs at the Association's Annual Conference. The AIVC committee is committed to protecting the independence of the member clubs and will therefore only ever offer non-binding advice in matters of member club governance where this has been requested.

Any new clubs that join the AIVC can always be assured that any queries raised regarding the member club and its governance, will always be referred back to the management committee of the respective club in the first instance.

Conference 2019 at Halifax
Friday 10th May to Sunday 12th May 2019

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