Meetup API Changes - Announcement 14 June 2019


This change would affect every club that has a Meetup event feed into their web site, including those that are not based on Agoria such as Wordpress or Drupal etc.

These changes will therefore not stop clubs from continuing to use their existing Meetup groups providing they are not using the Meetup API to display events in their own web site.

If you look at the following part of the update notice issued by Meetup, this is probably the most import part of the change Meetup are introducing ...
" ... anyone who wants to apply for API access through OAuth will need to have a Meetup Pro account in order to do so."
This means that Agoria (and any other web site CMS system) that makes use of any of the Meetup API would not only need to implement OAuth access for the new Meetup API ... but would also only be able to read and write data for a Meetup Pro group.

This therefore means that the cost to be able to use the Meetup API will rise sharply to $30 per month because of the need to upgrade to a Meetup Pro group that will be required. 
We had a lengthy discussion about this at ActivityForum Ltd and were very concerned about the substantial increase in Meetup fees that would be needed to qualify for use of the Meetup API.  We were also disappointed to read the following statement that the existing Meetup API version 2, which has been in use for some time, also had to be upgraded to API Version 3 before August 15.
"We’re removing API version 2: Before August 15, you will need to switch to API version 3. API version 2 will no longer be available."
This raised major concerns in ActivityForum Ltd about the amount of development work that would be needed to the Agoria Meetup API functionality to be able to support the OAuth security and to upgrade the API to version 3. 

As a result of these discussions, it was felt that it would not be economically viable at this time to support the change in the Meetup API in Agoria and that all current Meetup API based features in Agoria would therefore need to be disabled and removed by 15 August.
The winning argument for this action was that there is no point investing in upgrading the Agoria Meetup API features if only a few of the clubs that currently use the facilities are going to be able to afford to upgrade to a Meetup Pro account. The pricing for Meetup Pro is very much oriented towards commercial organisations wanting a higher level of functionality than a standard Meetup group provides.
We concluded that the requirement to pay $360 (£284) per year ($30 per month) for a single pro group, meant that Meetup was not going to be offering enough value for money to justify the continued development of the Meetup API within Agoria.

We also felt that only a few of the clubs that currently use Agoria (or have a web site reading events from would be willing pay the almost doubling of the Meetup fees for a Pro group that would also be required. However, it does mean that there will no longer be a means provided in Agoria to automatically copy event details into or read the events from a club's Meetup group.
The above is intended to explain the reasoning for the planned disabling of the Meetup API features in Agoria that will happen before 15 August 2019. 


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