Meetup is about connecting people with something in common. From activities you love and hobbies you want to try, to ways you identify yourself and who you want to be, a Meetup group is a community. A community of people who come together because they care about the same thing. Mountain climbers, first-time parents, aspiring circus performers, coders… you name it, there’s a good chance there’s a Meetup group for it (and if there isn’t, maybe you should create one).

While the connections begin online, the real memories are made at events. Meetup events are real-life gatherings where members and organizers
 get together to connect, discuss, and practice activities related to their shared interests.

Now you’re wondering how to get in on the action. Look no further than our
Find page. There, you’ll find groups and events based on your location and interests. Join one, join ten. Join as many as you want. Your social calendar will thank you.

To discuss the use of with other organisers, have a look at the Discuss Meetup forum web site below:

Below is a selection of guides on how to get the most out of using the system.