AIVC Conference 2019

About aIVC Committee Forums

The aIVC Committee Forums are a private system provided for aIVC Committee to discuss ideas between and after aIVC meetings.  These forums will hopefully give aIVC Committee Officers a chance to engage with each other to consider points raised between meetings.

The Forum system can also be used by officers to compose news articles for News Lines and encourage discussion about such articles between officers.

Log into the AIVC web site and follow the instructions below.

  • Click on the "AIVC Committee" top menu section and then click on the "My Forum Settings" menu option in the side menu. 
  • Here you can view and edit the settings that apply to your personal view of the forums and messages 

You can now contribute to the debate about the IVC and the Association.

The forums are organised into a number of topics which are further organised into discussion subject threads.  You can subscribe to a whole forum topic (including all its subject threads) or just to individual subject threads.  When you subscribe to a topic or subject thread, copies of any new comments added are sent to you by email.

Below is a list of the topics and subject threads to which discussion comments can be added.  If you would like any other topics and/or subjects added to the forums, please send the details to the AIVC Development Officer, Bob Clifford at

Topic:  AIVC Committee
  • 1 Role of AIVC Chairman
  • 2 Role of AIVC Secretary
  • 3 Role of AIVC Treasurer
  • 4 Role of AIVC News Officer
  • 5 Role of AIVC Events Co-ordinator
  • 6 Role of AIVC Publicity Officer
  • 7 Role of AIVC Development Officer
  • 8 Role of AIVC Conference Organiser

The above subject threads include comments containing the AIVC Committee job descriptions related to each of the roles taken from the electronic version of the 1997 AIVC Handbook.  They also state what the officer normally requires from clubs to support the tasks involved in the role.

Topic:  AIVC Conference
  • Conference Venues
  • Conference Organisation
  • Conference Subsidies

The above threads deal with aspects of how the AIVC National Conference is organised and what changes can be made to make the conference more cost effective in helping clubs.

Topic:  AIVC Structure
  • AIVC News Acquisition and Distribution
  • AIVC Inter-Club Events and Holidays
  • AIVC Publicity and Development

The above threads deal with the main functions of the AIVC and how these contribute to making membership of IVC more attractive to prospective members.

Topic:  Competition and
  • The competition on
  • Creating and managing a club Meetup group
  • Recruiting groups into the AIVC network

The above threads provide the opportunity to discuss how to make work for AIVC as a source of new members and clubs in the network to replace some of those lost in recent years.


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