2016 - IVC Travellers In India

This is the story of our intrepid IVC travellers on their recent journey to India.

On Jan 19th 2016 Dave, Ann (both London IVC) and Karen (Birmingham IVC) met at Gatwick airport for the start of  a trip to Kerala, S. India.

For Dave this was his second visit to India and it was but only 10 days Ann and Karen stayed longer - 3 weeks and 4 weeks respectively.

Our route to India  took us via Dubai where we were joined  by Marylin from Birmingham and on to Cochin.

From Cochin airport we made our way to Fort Cochin an historic port with multicultural influences - Portuguese, Chinese, Jewish, Dutch and last but not least English.

The four of us spent the next few days exploring the sights of  Fort Cochin including the Jewish Synagogue, the chinese fishing nets, The dutch cemetary, the outdoor laundry where the men do the washing and the women the lighter task of ironing, The palace and of course the shopping emporium.

On the Friday we were joined by Louise (London IVC) and we all set off to explore the      Backwaters and The mountains of Munnar where we enjoyed among other things the spectacular scenery and a martial arts show.

This first part of the trip ended back in Fort Kochi and a fine dining experience at the Brunton Boatyard, a grand hotel with colonial influence, where we said au-revoir to Dave who was returning home to his cat who he didn't like leaving for too long!

That left the four girls who decided to head for the beaches.

Reports of different aspects of the holiday can be found below.

India Trip Details
IVC India - The Accommodation
10 MARCH 2016

Reporter:  Marylin

For the first three nights we stayed in Fort Kochi – the more touristy part of Cochin – which is on the coast and here we stayed in Fort Murziris a small accommodation consisting of only six rooms.  ...
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IVC India - The Beaches
10 MARCH 2016

Reporter:  Louise

A trip to Kerala is like 3 holidays in one – first you can enjoy the captivating scenery of the hills and tea plantations in Munnar, t ...
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IVC India - The Cuisine
10 MARCH 2016

Reporter:  Dave

One of the delights of holidaying abroad is sampling foreign cuisines at their most authentic. The recent IVC holiday in Kerala promised the s ...
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