aIVC has a private group for Clubs to exchange inter-club events using the platform.

When you request to join the group, it is the aIVC Development Officer who approves the request. You may be asked to provide your club name and committee position to verify your permission to access private member details.

Access to event details in the AIVC Meetup group is restricted to committee officers from the member clubs of the Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs.

The purpose of the Meetup group is to promote a fun calendar of shared National Events.  Events can be entered by any committee member from a member club providing they have a valid login email and password.

If you found this page by accident and are interested in the joining your local Intervarsity Club, a list of all clubs may be found under the aIVC Member Clubs menu option at:

Copying Events from the Main Calendar to Meetup
The public details of events held on this AIVC website are copied automatically to the AIVC Meetup group providing the "Copy To Meetup" option is selected when an event is added or edited.

The events posted are open to full members (subscription paid) from member clubs of the Association of Inter-Varsity Clubs. 

AIVC Meetup Diary

Meetup List: This feature has been retired due to changes in the Meetup Terms & Conditions of Use.

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