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Welcome to Norwich City Social.

A brand-new-concept social group where it pays to be social!*

At Norwich City Social we want to really get to know all of our members. We also want to protect their personal information as much as we possibly can. For these reasons we are a closed Meetup Group.

Norwich City Social is a not-for-profit group. Members pay a £15 yearly subscription which covers our web hosting fees, large-event subsidies and public liability insurance.

We are a small group of friendly like-minded individuals who share similar interests. We are mostly working professionals mainly in our late 30s and 40s, but do have a wide age range and are from all walks of life. We are an all-inclusive group with no political or religious affiliation. We are simply here to make new friends and have fun!

The group is run by the members for the members hosting weekly pub nights for relaxed, friendly conversation, as well as hosting a variety of events around Norwich and Norfolk including; meals, walks, theatre & cinema trips, quiz nights, beer festivals, go-karting, cycling, barbecues, games and much more.

Norwich City Social is unique in that we are possibly the only Meetup Group rewarding our members, in cash, for their active contribution to the ongoing sustainability of the group by ensuring we have a variety of interesting events in our Meetup Calendar for members to enjoy and that we remain a group that is dynamic and relative to the interests of our entire membership.

In addition, Norwich City Social is part of a wider national network of independent social, sports and cultural groups throughout the UK, known as the Association of IVCs (aIVC).

There are 40+ member clubs of aIVC and membership to Norwich City Social entitles members to access any of the other member clubs nationally and enjoy inter-club events and holidays. Importantly, members of Norwich City Social can be reassured that there is public liability insurance in place for event organisers (something which other social groups may not have).

*It pays to be social!

All members are encouraged to contribute to the success of the group. Norwich City Social acknowledges members who give their time in organising and hosting events for the benefit of other members’ enjoyment. As a token of our appreciation, for each event hosted, Norwich City Social rewards the member host with £5, up to a maximum of £15 (i.e. three events) in any membership year. This effectively makes membership free for a year for those members organising and hosting just three separate events per year. And for members wanting to simply enjoy events rather than hosting them, membership costs just £15 for the year (that’s only 28p a week!).

So, if you would like to join an established social group that rewards its members, please click the REQUEST TO JOIN button now and we will get right back in touch.

Prior to membership approval and payment of subscription, we would like to get to know you a little more and look forward to meeting you at one of our dedicated New Members Welcome Meets .Here you will learn more about Norwich City Social and what our group has to offer. Should you decide to join Norwich City Social at that point, your £15 subscription will be collected and your membership approved. You are then welcome to sign up for upcoming events or even begin hosting your own and getting paid to be social!

It is not essential for you to have access to your own private vehicle as car shares can often be offered from a central point for our out of city events. However, lifts cannot always be guaranteed so please bear this in mind.

Meetup Bulletin: This feature has been retired due to changes in the Meetup Terms & Conditions of Use.

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