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Make new friends with Brighton's best activities and social club. Brighton and Sussex IVC is a member run, not-for-profit, friendly club offering different types of social events each month. A great way to find new friends in the area. The Brighton and Sussex IVC Activities and Social Club Meetup group provides a small selection of our events for you to try for free. You get lots more activities if you join our paid membership club.

Why would you join IVC?

4000 IVC members across the UK. Stable membership core reflecting the club’s success making it easy to make and keep new friends. The inter-varsity club was set up by some University students and has been around for 65 years! Meet new people - a great way of making new friends. On the move? You can attend events at 41 friendly IVC clubs across the country.

Trial membership is only £10 for three months and entitles you to see the full programme of events (restricted for non-members) and attend any event. Subsequent annual membership is only £20 a year. Wide range of social events and cultural and sporting activities. Easy to keep in touch – we are expanding our use of social networking media. New to Brighton and Sussex, or lived here all your life but want to try new cool activities? Try us and enjoy what the area has to offer. We can also be contacted on

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